Since its foundation in 1976, when it began producing biaxially oriented polyester films in Brazil, Terphane has been supporting the packaging industry with the goal of reducing food waste, extending shelf life, and ensuring that products reach consumers’ homes with the same quality and freshness as when they were produced.

In 2005, Terphane went a step further in this purpose and launched the Sealphane® line, which not only supports the objectives stated above, but also provides additional convenience for consumers through easy-open tray lid solutions. In 2023, another breakthrough was achieved with the launch of Resealphane products, which provide even more convenience and freshness even after the package has been opened and partially consumed.

Watch the Resealphane launch video below:

What is Resealphane?

Resealphane is a high-performance resealable packaging solution that allows for multiple openings and reclosing. It has tamper-evident properties that indicate if the packaging has been tampered with at the point of sale. It ensures full package opening (unlike any other product in the market) and is more sustainable as it uses less plastic in its production. The Resealphane film is also easy to implement by brand owners and converters on existing packaging lines, expanding the range of applications.

Check out the diverse advantages of this launch below:

Benefits for Consumer:

Abre e fecha 10x

Open and Close multiple times

Evidências de violação Tamper Evidence

Tamper Evidence

Abertura total da Embalagem

Complete opening of the packaging


More Sustainable

Benefits for the Industry:

Sem necessidade de investimentos adicionais

Without additional investments

30% menos plástico comparado com clamshell

30% less plastic compared to clamshell packaging

Longer shelf life

Shelf life

Altíssima transparência

Extremely high transparency



Implementação Imediata

Immediate implementation

Redução de espessura

Thickness reduction - thinner polyester films

Permite a impressão da sua marca

Allows brand printing

Maior produtividade

Increased productivity

Below are some examples for a variety of applications:


Salad and Vegetable


Prepared meats

Others applications

Fresh Fruits

For more information on usage possibilities and applications, as well as support for implementing Resealphane technology in your products, please contact us below, and our application development team will respond as soon as possible.

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